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Chapter 4 Genetics (Sub)
Chapter 4 Genetics (Sub)
Land Lab Day
State CDE Day (Sub)
Land Lab Day
Barn Yard Genetics
Tuesday 1/3/2017
Spring CDE's/Intro Soil Sci


-Name Three natural resources


-SWBAT understand and list soil's purpose 

Wednesday 1/4/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 1/5/2017


_What is the difference between soil and dirt?

-Obj SWBAT understand soil and the impact to our environment

Friday 1/6/2017


-About how many soil series are located uin the United States?


-SWBAT construct Soil Order Booklet

Monday 1/9/2017


-What is the Soil Order is found in about 2/3 of the entire state of Arizona


-SWBAT Finish constructing Soil order map

Update the AET record book

Study CDE Test Bank



Tuesday 1/10/2017


-What is the most common soil order found in Alaska


-Finish Soil Order Booklet

Wednesday 1/11/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 1/12/2017


"_________ soil is found in the part of the U.S known as the corn belt.


-SWBAT understand the distinction between the three soil separates and how to measure the % of each

Monday 1/16/2017
Tuesday 1/17/2017
Soils (Color)


-Name the 5 characteristics of soil structure


-SWBAT complete soil color lab

Wednesday 1/18/2017
Land Lab (Wed)
Friday 1/20/2017
Chpt 2 Soils

Friday Quote

"If an egg is broken by an outside force LIFE ENDS. If an egg is broken from an inside force LIFE BEGINS. Great things always start from the inside." -Jim Kwik

Obj- Chapterr 2 Soils Textbook

Monday 1/23/2017
Finish Chpt 2


An Aggie Math Riddle.......

Obj: Finish Chpt 2/Study for CDE's/ Begin Lesson #5 Soil texturing

Tuesday 1/24/2017
Soil Texture


-Why do we test for soil texture?


-Finish Soil texturing worksheet. 

-begin soil texturing lab

Monday 1/30/2017
Soil Consistency


Why do we test for soil plasticity and stickiness


SWBAT understand the reasoning behind soil consistency testing

Tuesday 1/31/2017
Soil Consistency


-Define Soil Plasticity


Finish 3rd Soil Lab (Soil Consistency)

Wednesday 2/1/2017
Land Lab (Wed)
Monday 2/6/2017
Soil Chemical Properties

Bellwork: List the layers of a soil profile from sub surface to surface

Obj: SWBAT List and describe soils chemical properties

Tuesday 2/7/2017
Soil Chemical Properties

What are the 3 macronutrients needed by a plant?

Obj: SWBAT List and describe soils chemical properties

Wednesday 2/8/2017
Land Lab (Wed)

Land Lab Day

Wednesday 2/8/2017
Land Lab Day

Land Lab Day

Thursday 2/9/2017
(Sub) District CDE
Friday 2/10/2017
AET Update

Friday Quote

" History will be kind to me for i intend to write it." Winston Churchill 

Monday 2/13/2017
Soil Survey

A soil pH over 7 is called???

Obj; complete Soil Survey

Tuesday 2/14/2017
Land Lab Clean UP

Land Lab Clean UP

Wednesday 2/15/2017
Land Lab Clean UP

Land Lab Clean UP

Thursday 2/16/2017
Land Lab Clean UP

Land Lab Clean UP

Monday 3/13/2017
Spring Break
Tuesday 3/14/2017
Spring Break
Wednesday 3/15/2017
Spring Break
Thursday 3/16/2017
Spring Break
Friday 3/17/2017
Spring Break
Monday 3/20/2017
FFA Leadership Activity

Bellwork: How was your spring break? What did you do?

Obj: Complete the FFA leadership Activity

Tuesday 3/21/2017
Plant Parts Review

Bellwork: Finish both pages of the assingment from yesterday and turn in.

Obj: review/refresh plant parts

Wednesday 3/22/2017
Land Lab (Wed)

Land Lab Day

Thursday 3/23/2017
Leaf Anatomy

Bellwork: What is the main function of the flower?

Obj: label and define all parts of a leaf, to explore the function and how it relates to the entire plant

Friday 3/24/2017
Plant Quiz 1

Bellwork: Friday Quote "Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point." -C.S Lewis

Obj: Complete Plant Quiz #1

Monday 3/27/2017
Monocots vs Dicots

Bellwork: take 15 Minutes to finish educational plant poster

Objective: Understand the difference between monocot and dicot plants


Tuesday 3/28/2017
Monocots vs Dicots

Bellwork: What are the five ways to tell if a plant is a monoccot?

Obj: understand the difference between monocots and dicots

Wednesday 3/29/2017
Land Lab (Wed)

Land Lab Day

Friday 3/31/2017

Friday Quote

"Oppertunities are usually disguised as hard work. So most people dont recognize them."

Obj: Intro to Propagation. 

Monday 5/1/2017

Bellwork: Get out your plant journal and prepare for an update

Obj: Hydroponics system design

Thursday 5/4/2017
Verde Valley Fair (Sub)
Friday 5/5/2017
Verde Valley Fair (Sub)
Monday 5/8/2017
Farmland Video/Worksheet

Bellwork: Give me one fact that you have learned from the video 

Obj: Complete worksheet and video/update the aet

Wednesday 5/10/2017
Land Lab (Wed)

Land Lab

Thursday 5/11/2017
Hydroponics Blue Prints

Continue working on hydroponic blueprints

Friday 5/12/2017
SAE Work Day


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. 

-Melody Beattie
Obj: SAE Work Day
Monday 5/15/2017
Hydroponics Blue Prints

Finalize and Grade Hydroponics Blue Prints

Wednesday 5/17/2017
Update SAE
Thursday 5/18/2017
Update SAE
Friday 5/19/2017
Final SAE Due
Monday 5/22/2017
Post Test

Agriscience Post Test

Everything off desk and prepare to take the test

Tuesday 5/23/2017
Hours 1 & 3

Summer Prep with Land Lab

Wednesday 5/24/2017
Hour 2

Prep Land Lab for summer

Wednesday 5/31/2017
FFA State Leadership Conference

Those attending please meet in front of cafeteria at 11:40 am. Bus leaves at 12:00

Friday 8/4/2017
Day 2

BELLWORK: Do you have any previous agriculture experience? explain:

OBJECTIVE: SWBAT read and understand classroom rules and procedures within the course syllabus.

Monday 8/7/2017
Class Intros

BELLWORK: On a scale of 1-10. How skilled are you at using microsoft programs. (Powerpoint/Word/Excel)


Objective: SWBAT Cont' building intro presentation on powerpoint.

Tuesday 8/8/2017
Class Intros

BELLWORK: Who is finished and ready to present. If not, Why?

OBJECTIVES: SWBAT- present intro to the class

Wednesday 8/9/2017
Land Lab Day Intro

Land Lab Day

Thursday 8/10/2017
"Who am I" Presentation

Bellwork: Why do most find it difficult to stand and present/ speak in front of an audience or class? 

Obj: SWBAT stand and present "Who Am I" intro presentations

Friday 8/11/2017
Finish Intros

Congrats on making it by your first week! Whoop Whoop (TGIF)

BELLWORK: "A goal is a dream with a deadline" -Napoleon Hill

Objective: SWBAT Finish intro presentations

Monday 8/14/2017
What is Agriculture

BELLWORK--   Define Science:

Objectives: SWBAT – understand the history of agriculture and US agriculture with the aid of guided notes.

Tuesday 8/15/2017
What is Agriculture

Bellwork: What was the estimated time of the beginning of agriculture?

Obj: SWBAT understand the history of agriculture and U.S agriculture via guided notes

Wednesday 8/16/2017
Land Lab Day

Land Lab Day

Thursday 8/17/2017
Az Agriculture


-What are the 5 C's of Arizona Agriculture

Obj: SWBAT understand arizona agriculture infrastructure 

Wednesday 8/23/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 8/24/2017
FFA History

Bellwork:What are some correlations between FFA history and U.S history dating back to 1917?

Obj: SWBAT Finish timeline game & practice 1st paragraph of the creed

Monday 8/28/2017
FFA Creed

Bellwork: What is a Creed?

Obj: SWBAT stand and deliver 1st paragraph of the FFA Creed.

Tuesday 8/29/2017
Creed Breakdown

Bellwork: Rw-write the 1st paragraph of the creed in your own word

Obj: SWBAT breakdown the ffa creed via group project with e-moments

Wednesday 8/30/2017
FFA Creed P1-P2

Bellwork: Take 5 Min and 5 Min only to study creed.

Obj: SWBAT stand and deliver paragraph 1-2 of FFA Creed

Friday 9/1/2017
FFA State Officer Visit
Monday 9/11/2017
Creed P1-P5

Bellwork: Last day of creed. Are you ready?

Obj: SWBAT final day of FFA Creed

Tuesday 9/12/2017
FFA Basics

Bellwork: Describe 4 parts of the FFA emblem and the meaning of each?

Objective: FFA Basics

Wednesday 9/13/2017
Land Lab Day

Bellwork: "Give me lever long enough and a fulcrum which to place it and I shall move the world" -Archimedes

Objective: Land lab

Thursday 9/14/2017
CDE Basics

Bellwork: What is CDE?

Objective:Pick CDE based on career goals/ hobbies

Friday 9/15/2017


Monday 9/18/2017
SAE Basics

Bellwork: What is a SAE?

Objective: SWBAT explore/define SAE's and develope an SAE for this year

Tuesday 9/19/2017
SAE Exploration

Bellwork:" FFA members why are we here"...

Objective:SAE Exploration

Wednesday 9/20/2017
Land Lab Day

Bellwork: Land Lab 

Objective: Land Lab

Thursday 9/21/2017
Brainstorming Cards

Bellwork:List 2 big ideas you have as an SAE this far in the planning stage.

Objective:Brainstorming cards activity

Monday 9/25/2017
Greenhand Confrence

Greenhand Conference 

Tuesday 9/26/2017
AET setup

Bellwork: What did you like/learn?

Objective: AET setup

Wednesday 9/27/2017
Land Lab Day

Land Lab Day

Thursday 9/28/2017
AET Print out

Bellwork: Did you get to go to bonfire? What did you like? What would make it better?

Objective: (AET) PDF print out

Friday 9/29/2017
Veggie Presentation

Bellwork: What veggie did you pick ?

Objective: Create/Present veggie presentation

Monday 10/2/2017
Veggie Presentation

Bellwork:What veggie did you pick? What's its origin?

Objective: Work on veggie presentation 

Tuesday 10/3/2017
Veggie Presentation

Bellwork: Give me one cool fact about your veggie

Objective: Work on veggie presentation

Wednesday 10/4/2017
Present Presentation

Bellwork: " If you kick the person in the (pants) responsible for most of your troubles you wouldn't sit for a week "-Theadore Roosevelt

Objective: Present veggie

Thursday 10/5/2017
Present Presentation

Bellwork: How many points are available to you this week? What assignmenta do these represent?

Objective: Present veggie

Monday 10/9/2017
Fall Break
Tuesday 10/10/2017
Fall Break
Wednesday 10/11/2017
Fall Break
Thursday 10/12/2017
Fall Break
Friday 10/13/2017
Fall Break
Monday 10/16/2017
Bio Pre Test

Bellwork: What was the best part of your fall break? 

Obj: SWBAT complete the Agriscience 1 bio pre test

Tuesday 10/17/2017
Intro to Cells

Bellwork: What is a cell?

Obj: SWBAT understand the creation/origins of the cell theory 

Wednesday 10/18/2017
Land Lab Day

Name the Movie Quote

Land Lab Day

Thursday 10/19/2017
Cell Anatomy

Bellwork: Name the two main types of Cells

Obj: Intro to cell anatomy. SWBAT list parts and define

Monday 10/23/2017
CDE Ditrict online Test

Study packets for 5 min then we will take test

Tuesday 10/24/2017
National Convention
Wednesday 10/25/2017
National Convention
Thursday 10/26/2017
National Convention
Friday 10/27/2017
National Convention
Monday 10/30/2017
Convention recap & missing work

Bellwork: (Halloween Riddle) 

Obj: Make up incomplete/missing work from sub lesson: Chapter review questions and presentation

Tuesday 10/31/2017
Edible Cell Lab

Bellwork: What are the two types of cells? Give an example of each

Obj: SWBAT build/construct 3-d animal cell via sugar

Wednesday 11/1/2017
Land Lab Day

Quote of the Day

"A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit."
-Arnold H Glasow

Wednesday 11/8/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 11/10/2017
Veterans Day
Monday 11/13/2017
Cell Transport

Bellwork: Take 10 minutes to fill out the cell city analogy worksheet. This will be stapled to your bellwork when collected this friday.

Obj: SWBAT understand cell transport....passive vs active

Tuesday 11/14/2017
Cell Transport

Bellwork: What are the three types of passive cell transport?

Obj: SWBAT finish passive vs active cell transport. complete partner quiz

Wednesday 11/15/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 11/17/2017
State Online CDE Testing
Wednesday 11/22/2017
Land Lab/ Turkey Processing
Tuesday 11/28/2017
Cell Review
Downloads: introduction to cells.pptx | cell anatomy.pptx
Tuesday 11/28/2017
Cell Review
Downloads: passive transport.pptx | active transport.pptx
Tuesday 11/28/2017
Cell Review
Downloads: energy of life.pptx | cell division1.pptx
Wednesday 11/29/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 12/1/2017
Chapter 4 Genetics (Sub)

Read and take Cornell Notes on Chapter 4 Genetics (Textbook)

Answer all review Exercises 

Monday 12/4/2017
Chapter 4 Genetics (Sub)

Read and take Cornell Notes on Chapter 4 Genetics (Textbook)

Answer all review Exercises 

finish/turn in

Wednesday 12/6/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 12/7/2017

Bellwork: What is Genetics?

Obj: Intro to Genetics via class lecture/Cornell Notes

Friday 12/8/2017
State CDE Day (Sub)

Chapter 15 Genetic Engineering

-Pgs 117--> 139

Cornell Notes on entire chapter

-Complete All Review Exercises/Turn In

Monday 12/11/2017

Bellwork: What is Genetic Engineering?

Obj: SWBAT understand Punnet squares via classroom activity 

Downloads: elmer genetics 2.pdf
Tuesday 12/12/2017

Bellwork: Define Heredity

Obj: SWBAT understand dominant and recessive traits via punnett square activity.

Wednesday 12/13/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 12/14/2017
Barn Yard Genetics

Bellwork: Explain the difference between a phenotypic ratio and a genotypic ratio?

Obj: SWBAT complete Barn yard genetics lab