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Friday 8/4/2017
Day 2

BELLWORK: Do you have any previous agriculture experience? explain:

OBJECTIVE: SWBAT read and understand classroom rules and procedures within the course syllabus.

Monday 8/7/2017
Class Intros

BELLWORK: On a scale of 1-10. How skilled are you at using microsoft programs. (Powerpoint/Word/Excel)


Objective: SWBAT Cont' building intro presentation on powerpoint.

Tuesday 8/8/2017
Class Intros

BELLWORK: Who is finished and ready to present. If not, Why?

OBJECTIVES: SWBAT- present intro to the class

Wednesday 8/9/2017
Land Lab Day Intro

Land Lab Day

Thursday 8/10/2017
"Who am I" Presentation

Bellwork: Why do most find it difficult to stand and present/ speak in front of an audience or class? 

Obj: SWBAT stand and present "Who Am I" intro presentations

Friday 8/11/2017
Finish Intros

Congrats on making it by your first week! Whoop Whoop (TGIF)

BELLWORK: "A goal is a dream with a deadline" -Napoleon Hill

Objective: SWBAT Finish intro presentations

Monday 8/14/2017
What is Agriculture

BELLWORK--   Define Science:

Objectives: SWBAT – understand the history of agriculture and US agriculture with the aid of guided notes.

Tuesday 8/15/2017
What is Agriculture

Bellwork: What was the estimated time of the beginning of agriculture?

Obj: SWBAT understand the history of agriculture and U.S agriculture via guided notes

Wednesday 8/16/2017
Land Lab Day

Land Lab Day

Thursday 8/17/2017
Az Agriculture


-What are the 5 C's of Arizona Agriculture

Obj: SWBAT understand arizona agriculture infrastructure 

Wednesday 8/23/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 8/24/2017
FFA History

Bellwork:What are some correlations between FFA history and U.S history dating back to 1917?

Obj: SWBAT Finish timeline game & practice 1st paragraph of the creed

Monday 8/28/2017
FFA Creed

Bellwork: What is a Creed?

Obj: SWBAT stand and deliver 1st paragraph of the FFA Creed.

Tuesday 8/29/2017
Creed Breakdown

Bellwork: Rw-write the 1st paragraph of the creed in your own word

Obj: SWBAT breakdown the ffa creed via group project with e-moments

Wednesday 8/30/2017
FFA Creed P1-P2

Bellwork: Take 5 Min and 5 Min only to study creed.

Obj: SWBAT stand and deliver paragraph 1-2 of FFA Creed

Friday 9/1/2017
FFA State Officer Visit
Monday 9/11/2017
Creed P1-P5

Bellwork: Last day of creed. Are you ready?

Obj: SWBAT final day of FFA Creed

Tuesday 9/12/2017
FFA Basics

Bellwork: Describe 4 parts of the FFA emblem and the meaning of each?

Objective: FFA Basics

Wednesday 9/13/2017
Land Lab Day

Bellwork: "Give me lever long enough and a fulcrum which to place it and I shall move the world" -Archimedes

Objective: Land lab

Thursday 9/14/2017
CDE Basics

Bellwork: What is CDE?

Objective:Pick CDE based on career goals/ hobbies

Friday 9/15/2017


Monday 9/18/2017
SAE Basics

Bellwork: What is a SAE?

Objective: SWBAT explore/define SAE's and develope an SAE for this year

Tuesday 9/19/2017
SAE Exploration

Bellwork:" FFA members why are we here"...

Objective:SAE Exploration

Wednesday 9/20/2017
Land Lab Day

Bellwork: Land Lab 

Objective: Land Lab

Thursday 9/21/2017
Brainstorming Cards

Bellwork:List 2 big ideas you have as an SAE this far in the planning stage.

Objective:Brainstorming cards activity

Monday 9/25/2017
Greenhand Confrence

Greenhand Conference 

Tuesday 9/26/2017
AET setup

Bellwork: What did you like/learn?

Objective: AET setup

Wednesday 9/27/2017
Land Lab Day

Land Lab Day

Thursday 9/28/2017
AET Print out

Bellwork: Did you get to go to bonfire? What did you like? What would make it better?

Objective: (AET) PDF print out

Friday 9/29/2017
Veggie Presentation

Bellwork: What veggie did you pick ?

Objective: Create/Present veggie presentation

Monday 10/2/2017
Veggie Presentation

Bellwork:What veggie did you pick? What's its origin?

Objective: Work on veggie presentation 

Tuesday 10/3/2017
Veggie Presentation

Bellwork: Give me one cool fact about your veggie

Objective: Work on veggie presentation

Wednesday 10/4/2017
Present Presentation

Bellwork: " If you kick the person in the (pants) responsible for most of your troubles you wouldn't sit for a week "-Theadore Roosevelt

Objective: Present veggie

Thursday 10/5/2017
Present Presentation

Bellwork: How many points are available to you this week? What assignmenta do these represent?

Objective: Present veggie

Monday 10/9/2017
Fall Break
Tuesday 10/10/2017
Fall Break
Wednesday 10/11/2017
Fall Break
Thursday 10/12/2017
Fall Break
Friday 10/13/2017
Fall Break
Monday 10/16/2017
Bio Pre Test

Bellwork: What was the best part of your fall break? 

Obj: SWBAT complete the Agriscience 1 bio pre test

Tuesday 10/17/2017
Intro to Cells

Bellwork: What is a cell?

Obj: SWBAT understand the creation/origins of the cell theory 

Wednesday 10/18/2017
Land Lab Day

Name the Movie Quote

Land Lab Day

Thursday 10/19/2017
Cell Anatomy

Bellwork: Name the two main types of Cells

Obj: Intro to cell anatomy. SWBAT list parts and define

Monday 10/23/2017
CDE Ditrict online Test

Study packets for 5 min then we will take test

Tuesday 10/24/2017
National Convention
Wednesday 10/25/2017
National Convention
Thursday 10/26/2017
National Convention
Friday 10/27/2017
National Convention
Monday 10/30/2017
Convention recap & missing work

Bellwork: (Halloween Riddle) 

Obj: Make up incomplete/missing work from sub lesson: Chapter review questions and presentation

Tuesday 10/31/2017
Edible Cell Lab

Bellwork: What are the two types of cells? Give an example of each

Obj: SWBAT build/construct 3-d animal cell via sugar

Wednesday 11/1/2017
Land Lab Day

Quote of the Day

"A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit."
-Arnold H Glasow

Wednesday 11/8/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 11/10/2017
Veterans Day
Monday 11/13/2017
Cell Transport

Bellwork: Take 10 minutes to fill out the cell city analogy worksheet. This will be stapled to your bellwork when collected this friday.

Obj: SWBAT understand cell transport....passive vs active

Tuesday 11/14/2017
Cell Transport

Bellwork: What are the three types of passive cell transport?

Obj: SWBAT finish passive vs active cell transport. complete partner quiz

Wednesday 11/15/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 11/17/2017
State Online CDE Testing
Wednesday 11/22/2017
Land Lab/ Turkey Processing
Tuesday 11/28/2017
Cell Review
Downloads: introduction to cells.pptx | cell anatomy.pptx
Tuesday 11/28/2017
Cell Review
Downloads: passive transport.pptx | active transport.pptx
Tuesday 11/28/2017
Cell Review
Downloads: energy of life.pptx | cell division1.pptx
Wednesday 11/29/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 12/1/2017
Chapter 4 Genetics (Sub)

Read and take Cornell Notes on Chapter 4 Genetics (Textbook)

Answer all review Exercises 

Monday 12/4/2017
Chapter 4 Genetics (Sub)

Read and take Cornell Notes on Chapter 4 Genetics (Textbook)

Answer all review Exercises 

finish/turn in

Wednesday 12/6/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 12/7/2017

Bellwork: What is Genetics?

Obj: Intro to Genetics via class lecture/Cornell Notes

Friday 12/8/2017
State CDE Day (Sub)

Chapter 15 Genetic Engineering

-Pgs 117--> 139

Cornell Notes on entire chapter

-Complete All Review Exercises/Turn In

Monday 12/11/2017

Bellwork: What is Genetic Engineering?

Obj: SWBAT understand Punnet squares via classroom activity 

Downloads: elmer genetics 2.pdf
Tuesday 12/12/2017

Bellwork: Define Heredity

Obj: SWBAT understand dominant and recessive traits via punnett square activity.

Wednesday 12/13/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 12/14/2017
Barn Yard Genetics

Bellwork: Explain the difference between a phenotypic ratio and a genotypic ratio?

Obj: SWBAT complete Barn yard genetics lab

Monday 12/18/2017
Food Evolution

Bellwork: Name 1 Fact from fridays videos

Obj: SWBAT Watch "Food Evolution" Documentary. This will lead into Mid term paper based on GMO's

Tuesday 12/19/2017
Food Evolution

what is one fact from food evolution

Obj: finish Food Evolution Video SWBAT start mid term paper.


Monday 1/8/2018
Intro to Soils

Bellwork:Name a natural resource

Obj; SWBAT understand environmental impact of soil

Tuesday 1/9/2018

Bellwork: Define Soil

Obj: intro to soil science

Wednesday 1/10/2018
FFA Activity

Bellwork: What types of community service have you done in the past?

Obj: community service planning

Thursday 1/11/2018
Soil Taxonomy

Group the following items: nail, paper clip, hair pin, staple, screw

Obj: Taxonomy vs. Soil Taxonomy


Friday 1/12/2018
Soil Classification

What is the difference between the soil in Arizona and Washington (state).

Obj: SWBAT create soil order booklet.

Monday 1/15/2018
MLK Day (No School)
Tuesday 1/16/2018
Soil Orders Booklet

Bellwork: What soil order is found in areas that are dry 6 months of the year, and is the 2nd most common soil order in the world?

Obj: Finish Soil order booklet

Wednesday 1/17/2018
Land Lab Day
Thursday 1/18/2018
Fair Registration

Bellwork: C-Notes ready for documentary "Down The Fence"

Friday 1/19/2018
Soil Lab #1 (Color)

Friday Quote: "If i had nine hours to cut down a tree i would use the first six sharpening my ax." --Abraham Lincoln 

Obj: SWBAT complete Soil Lab #1 accuratley while following the Job Opperation Sheet (JOS)

Downloads: munsell color system.pptx
Monday 1/22/2018
Physical Properties of Soil

Bellwork: Define Hue, Value, & Chroma:

Obj:SWBAT understand the physical prperties of soil 

Wednesday 1/24/2018
Land Lab Day

Bellwork: "A man who has not passed through the inferno of his own passions has never overcome them." - unknown

Obj: Land Lab Day

Thursday 1/25/2018
District Online CDE Testing

District Online CDE testing

Monday 1/29/2018
Complete Soil Lab #2

What was the movie about Friday?

Obj: SWBAT complete soil lab #2 with accuracy 

Tuesday 1/30/2018
Soil Consistency Lab #3

Bellwork: What are we looking for when performing a textural soils lab?

Obj: Soils lab #3

Thursday 2/1/2018
Land Lab Day
Friday 2/2/2018
Soil Profiles

Friday Quote

"Never bend your head always hold it high look the world straight in the eye." -Helen Keller

Obj: Soil profiles understand then construct mock profile 

Monday 2/5/2018
UofA Guest Speakers
Tuesday 2/6/2018
Soil Nutrients

Bellwork: What are the 3 Macronutrients needed by plants?

Obj: Define the Nutrients needed by all plants

Wednesday 2/7/2018
Land Lab Day
Thursday 2/8/2018
Spring CDE District (Chino Valley)

Sub-- finish movie "Unbranded" 

Friday 2/9/2018
Pathways Day (No School)
Monday 2/12/2018
Soil pH

Bellwork: Why should we test soil for its pH?

Obj: Soil pH Lab

Tuesday 2/13/2018
Soil Survey


-What is the NRCS?

-Obj- Complete NRCS soil Survey online

Wednesday 2/14/2018
Soil Survey

Bellwork: What are the 4 subclasses of land capability?

Obj: Complete soil Survey online

Thursday 2/15/2018
Soil Erosion

Bellwork: Define Soil Erosion

Obj: last section in soil unit. soil erosion & pop quiz

Friday 2/16/2018
Land Lab Day
Monday 2/19/2018
Presidents Day (No School)
Thursday 3/1/2018
State CDE Event (Sub)

Students will Read/Take Cornell Notes on Entire Chapter 7

Complete All Review Exercises questions and answers

Friday 3/2/2018
State CDE Event (Sub)

Students will Read/Take Cornell Notes on Entire Chapter 7

Complete All Review Exercises questions and answers

Monday 3/5/2018
7 functions of Plants

-What are the 7 main Functions of plants

-Obj educational posterboards

Tuesday 3/6/2018
Land Lab Day

Land Lab Day

Wednesday 3/7/2018
Land Lab Day

Bellwork Quote: "The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of apreciation for goodness"

Obj: Land Lab Day

Wednesday 3/7/2018
Posterboards and AET

"If you cant decsribe what you are doing as a process you dont know what you are doing" --Ed Deming

Obj- AET update and Poster board building

Thursday 3/8/2018
3rd Quarter SAE Checkpoint

"Today you are you, that is truer then true. There is no one alive who is you-er that you! Dr. Suess

Obj: 3rd Q Checkpoint

Thursday 3/8/2018
SAE Update

SAE update. log in and get started

Friday 3/9/2018
classroom Spring cleaning and prep
Saturday 3/10/2018
Spring Break
Sunday 3/18/2018
End of Spring Break
Monday 3/19/2018
Intro Pant Sci

What are the 7 major parts of the plant

Tuesday 3/20/2018
Fish Hatchery (Sub)

Dirty Jobs Video. Write 3 facts from each job turn in at end of class

Wednesday 3/21/2018
Land Lab Day

Define a cuticle of a leaf

Obj: Land Lab

Thursday 3/22/2018
Leaf Quiz

Define The Palisade layer of a leaf

Obj: Leaf parts and function quiz

Friday 3/23/2018
Plant Sci (Stems)

Bellwork: What are the 4 major functions of plant stems

Obj: form and function of plant stems

Monday 3/26/2018
Modified Stems

Bellwork: What is a Herbaceous plant?

Obj: modified stems and root systems

Monday 4/30/2018
Land Lab Day
Tuesday 5/1/2018
Fish Hatchery field trip (SUB)

Chapter 8 Lesson and All Review

Wednesday 5/2/2018
Finish New Orchard

Work on Orchard area. landscaping new orchard trees

Thursday 5/3/2018
Elmer @ Fair (SUB)

Finish Chapter 8 and turn in 

Friday 5/4/2018
Fair Day ( No school )
Monday 5/7/2018
SAE Update

Finish Reviews/Notes on Chapter 8

Work on updating SAE

Tuesday 5/8/2018
Plant Propagation

Bellwork: What is plant propagation

Objective: Plant Propagation (sexual and asexual)

Wednesday 5/9/2018
Land Lab Day
Thursday 5/10/2018
Asexual propagation

Bellwork: What is grafting? Explain

Objective: exploring types of asexual propagation 

Friday 5/11/2018
Lettuce Hydroponics

To the greenhouse for lettuce transfer and hydroponics

Monday 5/14/2018

Bellwork: What are the 6 types of hydroponics systems

Obj: Hydroponics continued

Wednesday 5/16/2018
Land Lab Day
Thursday 5/17/2018
Final SAE Check Point
Friday 5/18/2018

What are 4 types of grow media used in hydroponics

Obj; Hydroponics continued

Monday 5/21/2018
Hydroponics Blue Print

Students will research, contstruct and price out a complete hydropnics blue print of their choice.

Tuesday 5/22/2018
Final Land Lab Clean up
Wednesday 5/23/2018
Post Test

Post Test (Final)

Thursday 5/24/2018
1,3,5 finals

Finals day

Friday 5/25/2018
2,4,6 Finals Day