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Intro to Soils
Leadership Activity
Land Lab Day
Soil Taxonomy
Physical Properties of Soil
Community Service Plan
Soil Color Lab
Land Lab Day
MLK Day (No School)
Soil Texture Triangle
Soil Texture Lab
Land Lab Day
Monday 3/11/2019
Spring Break
Tuesday 3/12/2019
Spring Break
Wednesday 3/13/2019
Spring Break
Thursday 3/14/2019
Spring Break
Friday 3/15/2019
Spring Break
Monday 3/18/2019
Spring Planting Prep (Land Lab)

What was your favorite part about spring break

Obj: Spring Planting Prep

Tuesday 3/19/2019
Spring Planting Prep (Land Lab)
Wednesday 3/20/2019
Aims Sci Day, Leadership Workshop
Friday 3/22/2019
Intro to plant sci

Bellwork: What are the 7 major functions of plants

Obj: Educational Poster Board Contest

Monday 3/25/2019
Educational Poster Contest


-Once more, what are the 7 Major functions/Uses of plants


-Educational Poster Contest

Tuesday 3/26/2019


-What are the 5 functions of plant roots?

Obj: Plant roots, parts and functions

Wednesday 3/27/2019
Roots continued

How many school days do we have left in the semester

Obj: Roots, parts, functions

Thursday 3/28/2019
Land Lab Day

_____________ is a process of roots absorbing water, but also gives them the ability to break solid objects

Obj: Land Lab

Friday 3/29/2019
Land Lab Day
Monday 4/1/2019
2 Hour Class AZMerit

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated, day & day out" -Robert Coiller

Obj: 2Hour Land Lab 100 pts

Tuesday 4/2/2019
2 Hour Class AZMerit

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated, day & day out" -Robert Coiller

Obj: 2Hour Land Lab 100 pts

Wednesday 4/3/2019
FFA Jacket Essay/AET update

What is the short video trying to tell us?

Obj: FFA Jacket essay/AET update

Thursday 4/4/2019
Chapter Officer Leadership Workshop
Friday 4/5/2019
Land Lab Day
Monday 4/8/2019
Stems (Az Merit 1,3,5)


-What are the 4 Functions of plant stems

Obj: Identify the external and internal parts and functions of plant stems 

Tuesday 4/9/2019
Stems (AzMerit 2,4,6)


-What are the 4 Functions of plant stems

Obj: Identify the external and internal parts and functions of plant stems 

Wednesday 4/10/2019
Chapter 7


-What are the 7 types of modified stems?

Obj: SWBAT complete Cornell Notes, and Review Exercises on Chapter 7

-Vocab, Fill in the Blank, True/False, 5 Discussion Question 

Thursday 4/11/2019
AZMerit (1,3,5) Chapter 7/Land Lab

What are the two major parts to a plants Vascular System? 

Answer= Xylem & Phloem


1st Hour -> Finish Chapter 7 

2nd Hour-> Land Lab

Friday 4/12/2019
AZMerit (2,4,6) Chapter 7/Land Lab

What are the two major parts to a plants Vascular System? 

Answer= Xylem & Phloem


1st Hour -> Finish Chapter 7 

2nd Hour-> Land Lab

Monday 4/15/2019
AZMerit (1,3,5) Leaf Unit/Land Lab


-What are the 5 Main parts of a plant

Obj: Parts and functions of a leaf

Tuesday 4/16/2019
AZMerit (2,4,6) Leaf Unit/Land Lab


-What are the 5 Main parts of a plant

Obj: Parts and functions of a leaf

Wednesday 4/17/2019
Grade Check/Work Day

Bellwork Quote:

-"If you stumble, make it apart of your dance"-Unknown

Obj: Grade Check/Work Day

Thursday 4/18/2019
Leaf Quiz/Flower Unit


5 Min to look over leaf parts and function

Obj: Complete leaf parts quiz. Intro to flowers

Friday 4/19/2019
Spring Holiday (NO SCHOOL)
Monday 4/22/2019
Spring Holiday (NO SCHOOL)
Tuesday 4/23/2019
Flower parts & functions

What are the two major functions of flowers?

Obj: understand the major parts and functions of flowers

Wednesday 4/24/2019

Why are flowers colorful?

Obj: AET update and Workday

Thursday 4/25/2019
Flowers continued

Once agian what are the two major functions of a flower?

Obj: Flowers continued 

Friday 4/26/2019
Sub Agenda

Modern Marvels Sugar Video

20 facts turned in at end of class

Monday 4/29/2019
Flower Disection

What parts are needed for a flower to be considered Perfect?

Obj: Flower Disection

Tuesday 4/30/2019
Gabion Basket

What are you doing on Sunday May 12th?

Obj: SWBAT create gabion planters for mothers day gifts

Wednesday 5/1/2019
Gabion Basket


"Stop planting flowers in peoples yards who arent going to water them"

Obj: Gabion planters

Thursday 5/2/2019
Gabion Basket


-"When you cant find the sunshine be the sunshine"

Obj: Mothers day Project

Friday 5/3/2019
Fair Day (NO SCHOOL)
Monday 5/6/2019
Gabion Basket

Quote " With a new day comes new strengths and new thoughts" -Unknown

Obj: Gabion Basket

Tuesday 5/7/2019
Gabion planters/AET


"What would life be if we had no courage to atempt anything?" -Vincent Van Gogh

SWBAT- Create gabion mothers day planters

Wednesday 5/8/2019
Gabion planters/AET


" It is amazing what you can accomplish if you dont care who gets the credit" -Harry Truman

Obj: Start finalizing Gabion baskets, use additional time to update AET

Thursday 5/9/2019
Gabion Basket / Update AET


-If each square is 1/2 inch what it the total cubic volume of your basket

 1) Just the outer square

2) Minus the cylinder inside


Obj: Complete Mothers Day Gabion Planter

Friday 5/10/2019
Gabion Basket / Update AET/Make Up Work

Friday Quote 

-:An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves" -Lydia M. Child

Obj: Last day for planters, update aet, get in missing work


Monday 5/13/2019
Monocot Vs Dicot & FFA Banquet @ 6:00PM


Opeaning ceramonies-> "FFA Members Why Are We Here?"........

Obj: Monocot vs. Dicot 

Tuesday 5/14/2019
Plant Propagation


-Name Three Differences between Monocots and Dicots

Obj:Understand & Define the types of Plant Propagation

Wednesday 5/15/2019
Plant Propagation Continued


-What is Plant Propagation?

Obj: Cutting, grafting, budding, layering, stolon and runners

Thursday 5/16/2019
Final AET Check (15% of Total Grade)

What time of year would you use the budding technique to propagate plants?

Obj: Final AET Check Point

Friday 5/17/2019
Final AET Check/Final Bellwork Collection

Friday Quote

-"Have Patience, all things are difficult before they become easy" -Saadi

-Obj- Final AET Check Point & Final Bellwork Collection

Monday 5/20/2019
Ag 1 Post Test


"Words are often seen hunting for an idea, but ideas are never seen hunting for words"

Obj: Ag Science 1 Post Test

Tuesday 5/21/2019
Chicken Processing

No Bellwork  go directly to landlab for chicken processing 

Wednesday 5/22/2019
Finals Day 1 (1,3,5)

Last Day Project: Self watering planters and valve box install

Thursday 5/23/2019
Finals Day 2 (2,4,6)

Last Day Project: Self watering planters and valve box install

Friday 5/24/2019
Monday 8/5/2019
Intro Presentations


-Write down two reasons you decided to take Ag1


-Create Intro Presentation

Tuesday 8/6/2019
Intro Presentations


-What are your thoughts on presenting and public speaking?


-Begin presenting Intros

Wednesday 8/7/2019
Intro Presentations DAY 2


-What is one take away from yesterdays presentations?


-Presentations Day 2

Thursday 8/8/2019
Finish Presentations


What is Agriculture

-Finish Presentations and tour Land Lab

Friday 8/9/2019
1st Land Lab Day (FRUIT)


"I dont dream at night, i dream all day. I dream for a living" -Steven Spielberg


SWBAT partake in 1st Land lab day (Fruit Harvest)

Monday 8/12/2019
What is Agriculture

Bellwork: Define Science

Obj: SWBAT complete basic provisions excercise to understand the question "what is agriculture" 

Monday 8/19/2019
Poppin with Orville Case Study

What is production Agriculture

OBJ: Complete Case Study

Tuesday 8/20/2019
What is FFA

What is the FFA?

OBJ: Understand the importance of FFA into the Agriculture classroom

Wednesday 8/21/2019

You are traveling to an event in FFA Official Dress and a random person asks you what the FFA is. How do you respond?

OBJ : Log into THE AET for the first time

Thursday 8/22/2019
FFA History

Why is knowing the history of any topic or organization important?

OBJ: FFA History and Timeline Acticvity 

Friday 8/23/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote


OBJ Land Lab Day

Monday 8/26/2019
FFA Timeline and recap events

What was one take away from the FFA Timeline activity?

OBJ: Judge the FFA Timeline

Tuesday 8/27/2019
FFA Basics

When was the FFA Founded?

OBJ: FFA The Basics

Wednesday 8/28/2019
FFA Official Dress (O.D)

What is the most recognizable symbol of the FFA?

OBJ: FFA Offical Dress (O.D)

Thursday 8/29/2019
The FFA Creed

What is a Creed?

Obj: Introduction to the FFA Creed

Friday 8/30/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote: "If you arent fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm." Vince Lambardi

Obj: Land Lab Day

Monday 9/2/2019
Labor Day (No School)
Tuesday 9/3/2019
Creed E-Moment Presentations

Summarize 1st paragraph of the FFA Creed

Obj: SWBAT present e-moment on paragraphs of the creed

Wednesday 9/4/2019
Creed P1

Write the 1st Paragraph of the FFA Creed

OBJ: Creed P1

Thursday 9/5/2019
Creed P2

Write the second paragraph of the creed

Obj: Creed P2

Friday 9/6/2019
Creed P3

Write the 3rd Paragraph of the creed

Obj: Creed P3

Monday 9/9/2019
Creed P4

Write the 4th paragraph of the Creed

OBJ: Creed P4

Tuesday 9/10/2019
Black Out
Wednesday 9/11/2019
Creed P5

Write the Final Paragraph of the creed

OBJ: Last day (5th paragraph) Creed

Thursday 9/12/2019
Periods 1,3,5

Video & Notes

Friday 9/13/2019
Periods 2,4,6

Video & Notes

Monday 9/16/2019
Sub (Veggie Project)

What is your favorite Veggie?

Obj: Research and develop presentation based on  your assigned vegetable

Tuesday 9/17/2019
Be Sure to Know Your Veggies

What is the Origin of your vegetable

Obj: Be sure to know your Veggies Project

Wednesday 9/18/2019
Be Sure to Know Your Veggies

How was the Veggie Project? Are you ready to present

Obj: Complete Project

Thursday 9/19/2019
Veggie Presentations

Be ready to present project

Obj Preentations of Veggie project

Friday 9/20/2019
Veggie Presentations

Continue presenting Projects

Monday 9/23/2019
Greenhand Conference
Tuesday 9/24/2019
Sub (Chpt 22)

Chapter 22 Packet (200 Pts)

Wednesday 9/25/2019
Sub (Chpt 22)

Chapter 22 Packet (200 Pts)

Thursday 9/26/2019
(Chpt 22)

Chapter 22 Packet (200 Pts)

Friday 9/27/2019
Finish Chapter 22

All Chapter 22 Materials turned into box

Monday 9/30/2019
CDE Intro

What are three possible career field you might want to pursue?

Obj: Intro to CDE's aka Career Development Events

Tuesday 10/1/2019
CDE Matching

What is a CDE?

Obj: CDE Matching Day

Wednesday 10/2/2019
SAE Intro

What is an SAE?

Obj: SAE Exploration

Thursday 10/3/2019
SAE Exploration

List 3 SAE possibilites that you could create at home

Obj: SAE building day

Friday 10/4/2019
FFA State Officer Visit
Monday 10/7/2019
Fall Break (No School)____
Friday 10/11/2019
Fall Break (No School)____
Monday 10/14/2019
Ag/Bio PreTest

What have you done over break to lock down an SAE project

OBJ: Agriscience Pre Test

Wednesday 10/16/2019
Intro to Cells & Cellular Process

What are the two main types of cells?

Obj: Intro to cell continued

Thursday 10/17/2019
Cell Anatomy

What is the relationship between  DNA & RNA?

Obj: Cell Anatomy --> parts and functions of a cell

Friday 10/18/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote

Land Lab Day

Monday 10/21/2019
Edible Cell Lab

Just what is a Golgi Body? 

Obj: Edible Cell Lab

Wednesday 10/23/2019
Cell Study Day

Students will be looking over cell quiz and notes to better prpare themselves for the cell quiz tomorrow 

Friday 10/25/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote

"But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose." Anne Bronte

Monday 10/28/2019
Cell Transport

What does the cell membrane do?

Obj the in's and outs of the cell aka Cell Transport

Tuesday 10/29/2019
Land Lab Day

What are the 2 types of Endocytosis

Obj: Land Lab day prep for Pathways days

Wednesday 10/30/2019
Energy of Life

Take a look at the picture and list everything thats living

Obj: Energy of Life and Quiz

Thursday 10/31/2019
Halloween Lesson

Halloween Lesson

Obj the Business of Halloween

Friday 11/1/2019
Pathways Day (No School)
Monday 11/4/2019
Cell Divison

The Process if cell divison is also known as______________________.

Obj: Cell Divison 

Tuesday 11/5/2019

What are the four phases of Mitosis?

OBJ: Mitosis continued

Wednesday 11/6/2019
Habitudes Lesson

Whats im the picture

Obj: Habitude Lesson

Thursday 11/7/2019

What is your SAE project(s)?

Obj: SAE/AET workday

Friday 11/8/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote:

"Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it" Dwight D Eisenhower

Monday 11/11/2019
Veterans Day (No School)
Tuesday 11/12/2019
Intro To Genetics

What is Genetics?

Obj: Intro to Genetics

Wednesday 11/13/2019
Habitudes Lesson (Rivers & Floods)
Thursday 11/14/2019
CDE Testing & Land Lab Day
Friday 11/15/2019
Intro to Genetics Day 2
Friday 11/15/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote-

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" -Aristotle 

Monday 11/18/2019

What is a genotype?

Obj: Continue genetics lecture

Tuesday 11/19/2019
Genetics Worksheet & Activity

Who is Gregor Mendel?

Obj: Apply principles to Genetics Worksheet

Wednesday 11/20/2019
Habitude Lesson

What is the genotypic ratio when crossing two heterozygous traits?

Obj Habitude Lesson

Thursday 11/21/2019
District CDE's Chino Valley (Sub)

Chapter 4 Work (Sub)

Friday 11/22/2019
Chapter 4 Packet

Finish Chapter 4 List

Monday 11/25/2019
Land Lab Day

Turn in packets

Land Lab

Monday 12/2/2019
Genetics Quiz

Complete this cross: PpTt X PpTt

Obj: SWBAT complete genetics quiz 

Tuesday 12/3/2019
Dihybrid Cross

What does Codominant mean?

Obj: Dihybrid Cross

Wednesday 12/4/2019
AET Update

What will be graded on your SAE Check Dec 18th?

Obj: Update record books

Thursday 12/5/2019
Meiosis and Sex Linked traits

What is Meiosis?

Obj: Meiosis & Sex Linked Traits

Friday 12/6/2019
Land Lab Day
Monday 12/9/2019
Meiosis and Sex Linked traits

Whats the Big Idea of Meiosis?




Obj: Meiosis continued

Tuesday 12/10/2019
Land Lab Day

Who is George Church?

Obj: Land Lab Day

Wednesday 12/11/2019
AET Update

What is the importance of genetic diverity?

Obj: SAE /record book day

Thursday 12/12/2019
Review/Material Round Up

What day is our Midterm?

Obj: Genetics Review/material round up

Friday 12/13/2019
Sub (Chpt 5)
Monday 12/16/2019
Genetics Exam

Genetics Exam

Tuesday 12/17/2019
Grade Exam/SAE Check Point
Wednesday 12/18/2019
SAE Check Point (200 pts)
Thursday 12/19/2019
Periods 1,3,5

Modified Midterm Day

Friday 12/20/2019
Periods 2,4,6

Modified Midterm Day

Monday 1/6/2020
Intro to Soils

Name two Natural Resources?

Intro to Soils

Tuesday 1/7/2020
Wednesday 1/8/2020
Leadership Activity

Leadership Activity Take a Walk in My Shoes

Thursday 1/9/2020

Research on Scientific Classifications 

Friday 1/10/2020
Land Lab Day
Monday 1/13/2020
Soil Taxonomy

Traveling Files -Soil Taxonomy and the 12 Soil Orders

Tuesday 1/14/2020
Physical Properties of Soil
Wednesday 1/15/2020
Community Service Plan

Define the Following Terms:



Thursday 1/16/2020
Soil Color Lab
Friday 1/17/2020
Land Lab Day
Monday 1/20/2020
MLK Day (No School)
Tuesday 1/21/2020
Soil Texture Triangle
Wednesday 1/22/2020
Thursday 1/23/2020
Soil Texture Lab
Friday 1/24/2020
Land Lab Day