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Monday 3/11/2019
Spring Break
Tuesday 3/12/2019
Spring Break
Wednesday 3/13/2019
Spring Break
Thursday 3/14/2019
Spring Break
Friday 3/15/2019
Spring Break
Monday 3/18/2019
Spring Planting Prep (Land Lab)

What was your favorite part about spring break

Obj: Spring Planting Prep

Tuesday 3/19/2019
Spring Planting Prep (Land Lab)
Wednesday 3/20/2019
Aims Sci Day, Leadership Workshop
Friday 3/22/2019
Intro to plant sci

Bellwork: What are the 7 major functions of plants

Obj: Educational Poster Board Contest

Monday 3/25/2019
Educational Poster Contest


-Once more, what are the 7 Major functions/Uses of plants


-Educational Poster Contest

Tuesday 3/26/2019


-What are the 5 functions of plant roots?

Obj: Plant roots, parts and functions

Wednesday 3/27/2019
Roots continued

How many school days do we have left in the semester

Obj: Roots, parts, functions

Thursday 3/28/2019
Land Lab Day

_____________ is a process of roots absorbing water, but also gives them the ability to break solid objects

Obj: Land Lab

Friday 3/29/2019
Land Lab Day
Monday 4/1/2019
2 Hour Class AZMerit

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated, day & day out" -Robert Coiller

Obj: 2Hour Land Lab 100 pts

Tuesday 4/2/2019
2 Hour Class AZMerit

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated, day & day out" -Robert Coiller

Obj: 2Hour Land Lab 100 pts

Wednesday 4/3/2019
FFA Jacket Essay/AET update

What is the short video trying to tell us?

Obj: FFA Jacket essay/AET update

Thursday 4/4/2019
Chapter Officer Leadership Workshop
Friday 4/5/2019
Land Lab Day
Monday 4/8/2019
Stems (Az Merit 1,3,5)


-What are the 4 Functions of plant stems

Obj: Identify the external and internal parts and functions of plant stems 

Tuesday 4/9/2019
Stems (AzMerit 2,4,6)


-What are the 4 Functions of plant stems

Obj: Identify the external and internal parts and functions of plant stems 

Wednesday 4/10/2019
Chapter 7


-What are the 7 types of modified stems?

Obj: SWBAT complete Cornell Notes, and Review Exercises on Chapter 7

-Vocab, Fill in the Blank, True/False, 5 Discussion Question 

Thursday 4/11/2019
AZMerit (1,3,5) Chapter 7/Land Lab

What are the two major parts to a plants Vascular System? 

Answer= Xylem & Phloem


1st Hour -> Finish Chapter 7 

2nd Hour-> Land Lab

Friday 4/12/2019
AZMerit (2,4,6) Chapter 7/Land Lab

What are the two major parts to a plants Vascular System? 

Answer= Xylem & Phloem


1st Hour -> Finish Chapter 7 

2nd Hour-> Land Lab

Monday 4/15/2019
AZMerit (1,3,5) Leaf Unit/Land Lab


-What are the 5 Main parts of a plant

Obj: Parts and functions of a leaf

Tuesday 4/16/2019
AZMerit (2,4,6) Leaf Unit/Land Lab


-What are the 5 Main parts of a plant

Obj: Parts and functions of a leaf

Wednesday 4/17/2019
Grade Check/Work Day

Bellwork Quote:

-"If you stumble, make it apart of your dance"-Unknown

Obj: Grade Check/Work Day

Thursday 4/18/2019
Leaf Quiz/Flower Unit


5 Min to look over leaf parts and function

Obj: Complete leaf parts quiz. Intro to flowers

Friday 4/19/2019
Spring Holiday (NO SCHOOL)
Monday 4/22/2019
Spring Holiday (NO SCHOOL)
Tuesday 4/23/2019
Flower parts & functions

What are the two major functions of flowers?

Obj: understand the major parts and functions of flowers

Wednesday 4/24/2019

Why are flowers colorful?

Obj: AET update and Workday

Thursday 4/25/2019
Flowers continued

Once agian what are the two major functions of a flower?

Obj: Flowers continued 

Friday 4/26/2019
Sub Agenda

Modern Marvels Sugar Video

20 facts turned in at end of class

Monday 4/29/2019
Flower Disection

What parts are needed for a flower to be considered Perfect?

Obj: Flower Disection

Tuesday 4/30/2019
Gabion Basket

What are you doing on Sunday May 12th?

Obj: SWBAT create gabion planters for mothers day gifts

Wednesday 5/1/2019
Gabion Basket


"Stop planting flowers in peoples yards who arent going to water them"

Obj: Gabion planters

Thursday 5/2/2019
Gabion Basket


-"When you cant find the sunshine be the sunshine"

Obj: Mothers day Project

Friday 5/3/2019
Fair Day (NO SCHOOL)
Monday 5/6/2019
Gabion Basket

Quote " With a new day comes new strengths and new thoughts" -Unknown

Obj: Gabion Basket

Tuesday 5/7/2019
Gabion planters/AET


"What would life be if we had no courage to atempt anything?" -Vincent Van Gogh

SWBAT- Create gabion mothers day planters

Wednesday 5/8/2019
Gabion planters/AET


" It is amazing what you can accomplish if you dont care who gets the credit" -Harry Truman

Obj: Start finalizing Gabion baskets, use additional time to update AET

Thursday 5/9/2019
Gabion Basket / Update AET


-If each square is 1/2 inch what it the total cubic volume of your basket

 1) Just the outer square

2) Minus the cylinder inside


Obj: Complete Mothers Day Gabion Planter

Friday 5/10/2019
Gabion Basket / Update AET/Make Up Work

Friday Quote 

-:An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves" -Lydia M. Child

Obj: Last day for planters, update aet, get in missing work


Monday 5/13/2019
Monocot Vs Dicot & FFA Banquet @ 6:00PM


Opeaning ceramonies-> "FFA Members Why Are We Here?"........

Obj: Monocot vs. Dicot 

Tuesday 5/14/2019
Plant Propagation


-Name Three Differences between Monocots and Dicots

Obj:Understand & Define the types of Plant Propagation

Wednesday 5/15/2019
Plant Propagation Continued


-What is Plant Propagation?

Obj: Cutting, grafting, budding, layering, stolon and runners

Thursday 5/16/2019
Final AET Check (15% of Total Grade)

What time of year would you use the budding technique to propagate plants?

Obj: Final AET Check Point

Friday 5/17/2019
Final AET Check/Final Bellwork Collection

Friday Quote

-"Have Patience, all things are difficult before they become easy" -Saadi

-Obj- Final AET Check Point & Final Bellwork Collection

Monday 5/20/2019
Ag 1 Post Test


"Words are often seen hunting for an idea, but ideas are never seen hunting for words"

Obj: Ag Science 1 Post Test

Tuesday 5/21/2019
Chicken Processing

No Bellwork  go directly to landlab for chicken processing 

Wednesday 5/22/2019
Finals Day 1 (1,3,5)

Last Day Project: Self watering planters and valve box install

Thursday 5/23/2019
Finals Day 2 (2,4,6)

Last Day Project: Self watering planters and valve box install

Friday 5/24/2019
Monday 8/5/2019
Intro Presentations


-Write down two reasons you decided to take Ag1


-Create Intro Presentation

Tuesday 8/6/2019
Intro Presentations


-What are your thoughts on presenting and public speaking?


-Begin presenting Intros

Wednesday 8/7/2019
Intro Presentations DAY 2


-What is one take away from yesterdays presentations?


-Presentations Day 2

Thursday 8/8/2019
Finish Presentations


What is Agriculture

-Finish Presentations and tour Land Lab

Friday 8/9/2019
1st Land Lab Day (FRUIT)


"I dont dream at night, i dream all day. I dream for a living" -Steven Spielberg


SWBAT partake in 1st Land lab day (Fruit Harvest)

Monday 8/12/2019
What is Agriculture

Bellwork: Define Science

Obj: SWBAT complete basic provisions excercise to understand the question "what is agriculture" 

Monday 8/19/2019
Poppin with Orville Case Study

What is production Agriculture

OBJ: Complete Case Study

Tuesday 8/20/2019
What is FFA

What is the FFA?

OBJ: Understand the importance of FFA into the Agriculture classroom

Wednesday 8/21/2019

You are traveling to an event in FFA Official Dress and a random person asks you what the FFA is. How do you respond?

OBJ : Log into THE AET for the first time

Thursday 8/22/2019
FFA History

Why is knowing the history of any topic or organization important?

OBJ: FFA History and Timeline Acticvity 

Friday 8/23/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote


OBJ Land Lab Day

Monday 8/26/2019
FFA Timeline and recap events

What was one take away from the FFA Timeline activity?

OBJ: Judge the FFA Timeline

Tuesday 8/27/2019
FFA Basics

When was the FFA Founded?

OBJ: FFA The Basics

Wednesday 8/28/2019
FFA Official Dress (O.D)

What is the most recognizable symbol of the FFA?

OBJ: FFA Offical Dress (O.D)

Thursday 8/29/2019
The FFA Creed

What is a Creed?

Obj: Introduction to the FFA Creed

Friday 8/30/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote: "If you arent fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm." Vince Lambardi

Obj: Land Lab Day

Monday 9/2/2019
Labor Day (No School)
Tuesday 9/3/2019
Creed E-Moment Presentations

Summarize 1st paragraph of the FFA Creed

Obj: SWBAT present e-moment on paragraphs of the creed

Wednesday 9/4/2019
Creed P1

Write the 1st Paragraph of the FFA Creed

OBJ: Creed P1

Thursday 9/5/2019
Creed P2

Write the second paragraph of the creed

Obj: Creed P2

Friday 9/6/2019
Creed P3

Write the 3rd Paragraph of the creed

Obj: Creed P3

Monday 9/9/2019
Creed P4

Write the 4th paragraph of the Creed

OBJ: Creed P4

Tuesday 9/10/2019
Black Out
Wednesday 9/11/2019
Creed P5

Write the Final Paragraph of the creed

OBJ: Last day (5th paragraph) Creed

Thursday 9/12/2019
Periods 1,3,5

Video & Notes

Friday 9/13/2019
Periods 2,4,6

Video & Notes

Monday 9/16/2019
Sub (Veggie Project)

What is your favorite Veggie?

Obj: Research and develop presentation based on  your assigned vegetable

Tuesday 9/17/2019
Be Sure to Know Your Veggies

What is the Origin of your vegetable

Obj: Be sure to know your Veggies Project

Wednesday 9/18/2019
Be Sure to Know Your Veggies

How was the Veggie Project? Are you ready to present

Obj: Complete Project

Thursday 9/19/2019
Veggie Presentations

Be ready to present project

Obj Preentations of Veggie project

Friday 9/20/2019
Veggie Presentations

Continue presenting Projects

Monday 9/23/2019
Greenhand Conference
Tuesday 9/24/2019
Sub (Chpt 22)

Chapter 22 Packet (200 Pts)

Wednesday 9/25/2019
Sub (Chpt 22)

Chapter 22 Packet (200 Pts)

Thursday 9/26/2019
(Chpt 22)

Chapter 22 Packet (200 Pts)

Friday 9/27/2019
Finish Chapter 22

All Chapter 22 Materials turned into box

Monday 9/30/2019
CDE Intro

What are three possible career field you might want to pursue?

Obj: Intro to CDE's aka Career Development Events

Tuesday 10/1/2019
CDE Matching

What is a CDE?

Obj: CDE Matching Day

Wednesday 10/2/2019
SAE Intro

What is an SAE?

Obj: SAE Exploration

Thursday 10/3/2019
SAE Exploration

List 3 SAE possibilites that you could create at home

Obj: SAE building day

Friday 10/4/2019
FFA State Officer Visit
Monday 10/7/2019
Fall Break (No School)____
Friday 10/11/2019
Fall Break (No School)____
Monday 10/14/2019
Ag/Bio PreTest

What have you done over break to lock down an SAE project

OBJ: Agriscience Pre Test

Wednesday 10/16/2019
Intro to Cells & Cellular Process

What are the two main types of cells?

Obj: Intro to cell continued

Thursday 10/17/2019
Cell Anatomy

What is the relationship between  DNA & RNA?

Obj: Cell Anatomy --> parts and functions of a cell

Friday 10/18/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote

Land Lab Day

Monday 10/21/2019
Edible Cell Lab

Just what is a Golgi Body? 

Obj: Edible Cell Lab

Wednesday 10/23/2019
Cell Study Day

Students will be looking over cell quiz and notes to better prpare themselves for the cell quiz tomorrow 

Friday 10/25/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote

"But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose." Anne Bronte

Monday 10/28/2019
Cell Transport

What does the cell membrane do?

Obj the in's and outs of the cell aka Cell Transport

Tuesday 10/29/2019
Land Lab Day

What are the 2 types of Endocytosis

Obj: Land Lab day prep for Pathways days

Wednesday 10/30/2019
Energy of Life

Take a look at the picture and list everything thats living

Obj: Energy of Life and Quiz

Thursday 10/31/2019
Halloween Lesson

Halloween Lesson

Obj the Business of Halloween

Friday 11/1/2019
Pathways Day (No School)
Monday 11/4/2019
Cell Divison

The Process if cell divison is also known as______________________.

Obj: Cell Divison 

Tuesday 11/5/2019

What are the four phases of Mitosis?

OBJ: Mitosis continued

Wednesday 11/6/2019
Habitudes Lesson

Whats im the picture

Obj: Habitude Lesson

Thursday 11/7/2019

What is your SAE project(s)?

Obj: SAE/AET workday

Friday 11/8/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote:

"Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it" Dwight D Eisenhower

Monday 11/11/2019
Veterans Day (No School)
Tuesday 11/12/2019
Intro To Genetics

What is Genetics?

Obj: Intro to Genetics

Wednesday 11/13/2019
Habitudes Lesson (Rivers & Floods)
Thursday 11/14/2019
CDE Testing & Land Lab Day
Friday 11/15/2019
Intro to Genetics Day 2
Friday 11/15/2019
Land Lab Day

Friday Quote-

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" -Aristotle 

Monday 11/18/2019

What is a genotype?

Obj: Continue genetics lecture

Tuesday 11/19/2019
Genetics Worksheet & Activity

Who is Gregor Mendel?

Obj: Apply principles to Genetics Worksheet

Wednesday 11/20/2019
Habitude Lesson

What is the genotypic ratio when crossing two heterozygous traits?

Obj Habitude Lesson

Thursday 11/21/2019
District CDE's Chino Valley (Sub)

Chapter 4 Work (Sub)

Friday 11/22/2019
Chapter 4 Packet

Finish Chapter 4 List

Monday 11/25/2019
Land Lab Day

Turn in packets

Land Lab

Monday 12/2/2019
Genetics Quiz

Complete this cross: PpTt X PpTt

Obj: SWBAT complete genetics quiz 

Tuesday 12/3/2019
Dihybrid Cross

What does Codominant mean?

Obj: Dihybrid Cross

Wednesday 12/4/2019
AET Update

What will be graded on your SAE Check Dec 18th?

Obj: Update record books

Thursday 12/5/2019
Meiosis and Sex Linked traits

What is Meiosis?

Obj: Meiosis & Sex Linked Traits

Friday 12/6/2019
Land Lab Day
Monday 12/9/2019
Meiosis and Sex Linked traits

Whats the Big Idea of Meiosis?




Obj: Meiosis continued

Tuesday 12/10/2019
Land Lab Day

Who is George Church?

Obj: Land Lab Day

Wednesday 12/11/2019
AET Update

What is the importance of genetic diverity?

Obj: SAE /record book day

Thursday 12/12/2019
Review/Material Round Up

What day is our Midterm?

Obj: Genetics Review/material round up

Friday 12/13/2019
Sub (Chpt 5)
Monday 12/16/2019
Genetics Exam

Genetics Exam

Tuesday 12/17/2019
Grade Exam/SAE Check Point
Wednesday 12/18/2019
SAE Check Point (200 pts)
Thursday 12/19/2019
Periods 1,3,5

Modified Midterm Day

Friday 12/20/2019
Periods 2,4,6

Modified Midterm Day

Monday 1/6/2020
Intro to Soils

Name two Natural Resources?

Intro to Soils

Tuesday 1/7/2020
Wednesday 1/8/2020
Leadership Activity

Leadership Activity Take a Walk in My Shoes

Thursday 1/9/2020

Research on Scientific Classifications 

Friday 1/10/2020
Land Lab Day
Monday 1/13/2020
Soil Taxonomy

Traveling Files -Soil Taxonomy and the 12 Soil Orders

Tuesday 1/14/2020
Physical Properties of Soil
Wednesday 1/15/2020
Community Service Plan

Define the Following Terms:



Thursday 1/16/2020
Soil Color Lab
Friday 1/17/2020
Land Lab Day
Monday 1/20/2020
MLK Day (No School)
Tuesday 1/21/2020
Soil Texture Triangle
Wednesday 1/22/2020
Thursday 1/23/2020
Soil Texture Lab
Friday 1/24/2020
Land Lab Day