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Friday 8/4/2017
Day 2

BELLWORK: What was your SAE project last year? Explain:

OBJECTIVE: SWBAT read and understand classroom rules and procedures within the course syllabus.

Monday 8/7/2017
Class Intros

BELLWORK: What were your career goals last year? how have they changed this year?

OBJECTIVES: SWBAT create and deliver a min 2 min intro speech to kick off the year

Tuesday 8/8/2017
SAE action plan

BELLWORK: What's one thing you can learn about other people from listening to their presentations

OBJECTIVE: SWBAT Finish min2min presentations

                                 Develop a new or improved action plan for individual SAE projects

Wednesday 8/9/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 8/10/2017
SAE action plan

Bellwork: Why is it important to plan ahead for your SAE's. refer to the game "Building bridges" from Tuesday.

Obj: Continue exploring SAE's and developing SMART goals to further develop and strengthen projects 

Friday 8/11/2017
SAE action plan

Congrats on making it by your first week! Whoop Whoop (TGIF)

BELLWORK: "A goal is a dream with a deadline" -Napoleon Hill

Objective: SWBAT take an in depth look at SAE projects/proficiency awards and develop a plan of action for this year.

Monday 8/14/2017

Bellwork: Define each letter in S.M.A.R.T Goals

Obj: SWBAT continue building SMART goals for individual SAE projects.

Tuesday 8/15/2017
SAE action plan


What is a Proficiency Award

Obj: SWBAT review and understand the potentail for awards within the FFA and SAE projects

Wednesday 8/16/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 8/17/2017
Proficiency Award Overview


-What proficiency award category will your SAE/ SAE's fall under

Obj: SWBAT understand proficiency awards and update AET/ SAE Grants

Wednesday 8/23/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 8/24/2017
External Anatomy of Beef

Bellwork: High quality_________ = high quality___________, will then crate a profitable ____________.

Obj: SWBAT locate & define external anatomy of beef cattle.

Monday 8/28/2017
Beef Cattle

Bellwork: What is the typical age of beef cattle when they go to slaughter 

Obj: SWBAT create educational poster or game to memorize beef external anatomy 

Wednesday 8/30/2017
Land Lab Day

Land Lab Day

Friday 9/1/2017
FFA State Officer Visit
Monday 9/11/2017
Chapter 9

Bellwork: What is the name of a female cow that has not given birth?

Obj: Chapter 9 Beef Cattle Management (read/highlight).

Tuesday 9/12/2017
Chapter 9

Bellwork: What are the two different species of cattle? Brahman Cattle are which species?

Obj: Finish Chapter 9 Review.

Wednesday 9/13/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 9/14/2017
Chapter 9

Bellwork: Name 3 cattle breeds-

Obj: Finish Chapter 9/ Start cattle breed presentation.

Monday 9/18/2017
Cattle Breed

Bellwork: What is the name of a motherless calf?

Obj: Create Cattle Breed Presentation. 

Tuesday 9/19/2017
Cattle Breed

Bellwork: "FFA members, why are we here"... "To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should possess."

Obj: Cattle Breed Presentation. 

Wednesday 9/20/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 9/21/2017
Cattle Breed

Bellwork: What is your cattle breed and where is it's origin?

Obj: Finish Cattle Breeds Presentation. 

Monday 10/9/2017
Fall Break
Tuesday 10/10/2017
Wednesday 10/11/2017
Thursday 10/12/2017
Friday 10/13/2017
Fall Break
Monday 10/16/2017
Market Hogs


What was the best part of your fall break

Obj- SWBAT understand the external anatomy of market hogs

Tuesday 10/17/2017
Market Hogs

Bellwork: What is the name of a castrated male hog?

Obj: SWBAT evaluate the perfect market hog in correspondence with current market expectations 

Wednesday 10/18/2017
Land Lab Day

Bellwork: Name the movie quote


Thursday 10/19/2017
External anatomy of Hog Quiz

Bellwork: take 15 min to study hog parts. quiz = 58 pts (29q*(1 pt part+ 1 pt define))

Obj: external anatomy of a hog quiz

Monday 10/23/2017
CDE Ditrict online Test

Study packets for 5 min then we will take test

Tuesday 10/24/2017
National Convention
Wednesday 10/25/2017
National Convention
Thursday 10/26/2017
National Convention
Friday 10/27/2017
National Convention
Monday 10/30/2017
Convention recap & missing work

Bellwork: (Halloween Riddle) 

Obj: Make up incomplete/missing work from sub lesson: Chapter review questions and presentation

Wednesday 11/1/2017
Hog Breed Presentations

Bellwork: Halloween Riddle--> "I was the first agricultural product to be carved during Halloween, but iam not a pumpkin. what am I?"

Answer-> Turnip

Obj: Hog Breed Presentations

Wednesday 11/1/2017
Land Lab Day

Quote of the day

"A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit."

-Arnold H Glasow
Wednesday 11/8/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 11/10/2017
Veterans Day
Monday 11/13/2017
Hog Breed Quiz

Bellwork: What is the origin of the Poland China Hog?

Obj: Finish Presentations/ Complete quiz with accuracy---> move on to external anatomy of sheep

Tuesday 11/14/2017
Hog Breed Quiz

Bellwork What is the oldest registered American hog breed?

SWBAT complete hog breed quiz

Wednesday 11/15/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 11/17/2017
State Online CDE Testing
Wednesday 11/22/2017
Land Lab/ Turkey Processing
Wednesday 11/29/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 12/1/2017
Modern Marvel "The Butcher"

Video and Cornell Notes

Monday 12/4/2017
(Sub) Chapter 15 Meats

Read and take Cornell Notes on Entire Chapter 15 packet

Answer all review exercises 

Wednesday 12/6/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 12/7/2017
Assembly 4th & 5th

Class Assembly: all other students will work on AET Record Books

Friday 12/8/2017
State CDE Day (Sub)

Video: "American Meat"

Cornell Notes turned in at the end of class

Monday 12/11/2017
Meats "Beef Primals/Sub Primals"

Bellwork: What is one interesting fact from fridays video "American Meat"

Obj: Beef Primals and Sub Primals

Tuesday 12/12/2017
Meats "Beef Primals/Sub Primals"

Bellwork: What are the caracass traits to determine yield grade of beef cattle

Obj: Beef primals and sub-primals

Wednesday 12/13/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 12/14/2017
Meats "Beef Primals/Sub Primals"

Bellwork: Name 4 sub primals cuts from the Chuck primal of beef

Obj: Beef Primals and Sub Primals

Monday 12/18/2017
Temple Grandin Video

Bellwork: name one thing you learned about temple grandin

Obj: SWBAT Finish Temple Grandin Video

Tuesday 12/19/2017
Mid Term Practice Test

What are the 8 primals of beef?

Obj: SWBAT complete practice test/ beef primals & subprimals

Monday 1/8/2018
Meat Sci--> Pork

Bellwork: Name 4 cuts of pork?

Obj: Intro to meat sci-->  pork

Tuesday 1/9/2018
Meat Sci--> Pork

Bellwork: what are the two primary ways we slaughter pork in the U.S

Obj: Pork Primals and Sub Primals

Wednesday 1/10/2018
FFA Activity

Bellwork: What types of Community Service have you had in the past

Obj: Community Service planning

Thursday 1/11/2018
Meat Sci--> Pork

Bellwork: Be ready to share community service plan

Obj: SWBAT create educational poster board of pork parts and pork cuts

Friday 1/12/2018
Meat Sci--> Pork

Bellwork: Name 5 subprimal cuts of pork from the loin primal

Obj: Continue working on poster boards

Monday 1/15/2018
MLK Day (No School)
Tuesday 1/16/2018
Land Lab or Study Day


-Option A--> complete pig bards/study primals and subprimals/CDE practice. normal land lab day tomorrow.

-Option B--> Land Lab Day Today. complete pig boards/study/CDE practice tomorrow.

Pick one Option.

Wednesday 1/17/2018
Land Lab Day

Voted on day prior


-Option A--> complete pig bards/study primals and subprimals/CDE practice. normal land lab day tomorrow.

-Option B--> Land Lab Day Today. complete pig boards/study/CDE practice tomorrow.

Pick one Option.

Thursday 1/18/2018
Fair Registration

Bellwork: C-Notes ready for documentary film "Kill it, Cut it, Use it" Pork and its many uses.

Obj: SWBAT take C notes on given film while the students that are showing get registered for fair before 2:00.

Friday 1/19/2018
Pork Quiz

Friday Quote: "If i had nine hours to cut down a tree i would use the first six sharpening my ax." --Abraham Lincoln 

Obj: SWBAT complete pork primals and subprimals quiz. plus class vote on best educational poster board top team gets ex credit

Monday 1/22/2018
Research Paper Meat Industry

Bellwork:What is a research paper

Obj: SWBAT brainstorm and discover a research topic under the umbrella of "The American Meat Industry"

Wednesday 1/24/2018
Land Lab Day

Bellwork: "A man who has not passed through the inferno of his own passions has never overcome them." - unknown

Obj: Land Lab Day

Thursday 1/25/2018
District Online CDE Testing

District Online CDE Testing

Monday 1/29/2018
Research Paper Meat Industry

Bellwork: what was the movie about on Friday?

Obj: Continue working on research paper

Tuesday 1/30/2018
Rough Draft Due

Please get out your rough draft and three pages of cornell notes.

Obj: Peer review exercise 

Thursday 2/1/2018
Land Lab Day
Friday 2/2/2018
Peer Review "Meats Paper"

Friday Quote

"Never bend your head alwasys hold it high look the world straight in the eye." -Helen Keller

Obj: Peer Review

Monday 2/5/2018
UofA Guest Speakers
Tuesday 2/6/2018
Complete Final Draft

Bellwork: when is your final draft due?

Obj: Complete final stage to research paper

Wednesday 2/7/2018
Land Lab Day

Land Lab Day Quote

"the roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness" --Dalai Lama

Thursday 2/8/2018
Spring CDE District (Chino Valley)

Sub-- finish movie "Unbranded" 

Friday 2/9/2018
Pathways Day (No School)
Monday 2/12/2018
Intro to.... Plumbing

Bellwork: If you were to honestly grade your paper, what grade would you deserve?

Obj: Introduction to Plumbing activity 

Tuesday 2/13/2018
Create Plumbing Presentation

Bellwork: How to you get hot water into your house?

Obj: Group presentation on a given plumbing topic 

Wednesday 2/14/2018
Group Presentations

Bellwork: Get Cornell Notes out and ready for presentations

Obj; Deliver group presentations/ Cornell notes

Friday 2/16/2018
Land Lab Day
Monday 2/19/2018
Presidents Day (No School)
Thursday 3/1/2018
State CDE Event (Sub)

Modern marvels Video (Plumbing)

Friday 3/2/2018
State CDE Event (Sub)

Cornell Notes on Modern Marvels Video (Plumbing)

Monday 3/5/2018
Plumbing/Fittings & PVC

Bellwork: What is a "Fiting" in terms of plumbing?

Obj: pipe fittings/ and PVC cutting

Tuesday 3/6/2018
Begin Sprinkler Projects

Bellwork Quote "It is easier to prevent bad habits then to break them

Obj: Begin sprinkler projects & soldering demo

Wednesday 3/7/2018
Land Lab Day

Bellwork Quote: "The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of apreciation for goodness"

Obj: Land Lab Day

Thursday 3/8/2018
3rd Quarter SAE Checkpoint

"Today you are you, that is truer then true. There is no one alive who is you-er that you! Dr. Suess

Obj: 3rd Q Checkpoint

Thursday 3/8/2018
SAE Update

Update SAE's. log in and get started

Friday 3/9/2018
Classroom Spring cleaning and prep
Monday 3/19/2018
Sprinkler building

How many days do you need to finish the job 

Obj Plumbing projects continued

Tuesday 3/20/2018
Fish Hatchery (Sub)

Dirty Jobs Video. Write 3 facts from each job turn in at end of class

Wednesday 3/21/2018
Plumbing Projects

Quote" you exist only in what you do" -Fernando Fellni

Thursday 3/22/2018
Sprinkler Building

Bellwork: What are the 3 main requirments of your sprinkler

Obj: start finalizing sprinkler projects (Due Friday)

Friday 3/23/2018
Sprinkler Building
Monday 3/26/2018
Sprinklers/ Tree Wells

All teams will test then work on fixing tree wells and retaining walls until all other groups are finished

Monday 5/7/2018
Meat Bird Weigh in

Students will weigh and take averages of flock to estimate final weights

Tuesday 5/8/2018
Egg Processing

Bellwork: What are the 3 USDA grades of eggs

Obj: Egg Processing

Wednesday 5/9/2018
Land Lab Day
Friday 5/11/2018
Egg Processing

75-80% of live birds weight is retained after processing. If our birds weigh 6 lbs live weight how much will they weigh by the carcass?


Wednesday 5/16/2018
Land Lab Day
Friday 5/18/2018
Prepare Land Lab For Processing
Monday 5/21/2018
Chicken Processing (Final)
Tuesday 5/22/2018
Clean up after Processing
Thursday 5/24/2018
Finals 1,3,5
Friday 5/25/2018
Finals 2,4,6