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Monday 3/13/2017
Spring Break
Tuesday 3/14/2017
Spring Break
Wednesday 3/15/2017
Spring Break
Thursday 3/16/2017
Spring Break
Friday 3/17/2017
Spring Break
Monday 3/20/2017
Plumbing Project Intro

Bellwork: How was your spring break? What did you do?

Obj: Mission--> Save the grapes--> Via plumbing

Tuesday 3/21/2017
Prep for chickens

Bellwork: About how many feet is in each row of the vineyard?

Obj: Prep for chicken delievery, continue vinyard project

Wednesday 3/22/2017
Land Lab (Wed)

Land Lab Day

Thursday 3/23/2017
Intro to Poultry

Bellwork: At what temperature do we want to keep our poultry brooder at for the first week?

Obj: Intro to the Poultry Industry

Friday 3/24/2017
Intro to Poultry

Bellwork: Friday Quote "Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point." -C.S Lewis

Obj: continue with intro to poultry lecture

Monday 3/27/2017
Poultry breeds

Bellwork: What two breeds when crossed create the Cornish Cross Meat Bird?

Obj: SWBAT create/complete educational poultry breed flyer

Tuesday 3/28/2017
History of Poultry Industry

Bellwork: Take 15 Minutes to finish educational poultry breed flyers

Obj: Understand the poultry industry and its evolution. 

Wednesday 3/29/2017
Land Lab (Wed)

Land Lab Day

Friday 3/31/2017
Vineyard Project

Friday Quote

"Oppertunities are usually disguised as hard work. So most people dont recognize them."

Obj; Continue to work on vineyard irrigation 

Monday 5/1/2017
Bench Project

Bellwork: Name 1 item that you learned from chapter 25 "Management of Poultry"

Obj: Continue working on bench re-model 

Thursday 5/4/2017
Verde Valley Fair (Sub)
Friday 5/5/2017
Verde Valley Fair (Sub)
Monday 5/8/2017
Egg Laying Hens

Bellwork: Give me one fact that you have learned from the video 

Obj: Complete Egg Layers worksheet. start prep for chicken processing.

Tuesday 5/9/2017
Prep For Chicken Processing

Create/Prep/Sanitize Chicken Processing equipment

Wednesday 5/10/2017
Chicken Processing

Final Project: Chicken Processing 

Thursday 5/11/2017
Processing clean uo

Must clean up land lab after processing. no folders. no bellwork

Friday 5/12/2017
SAE Work Day

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. 

-Melody Beattie
Monday 5/15/2017
Finalize Bench Project
Wednesday 5/17/2017
Update SAE
Thursday 5/18/2017
Update SAE
Friday 5/19/2017
Final SAE Due
Monday 5/22/2017
Land Lab Summer Prep

Land Lab Summer Prep. All hands on deck

Wednesday 5/24/2017
Hours 4 & 6 Finals
Friday 5/26/2017
Wednesday 5/31/2017
FFA State Leadership Conference

Those attending please meet in front of cafeteria at 11:40 am. Bus leaves at 12:00

Friday 8/4/2017
Day 2

BELLWORK: What was your SAE project last year? Explain:

OBJECTIVE: SWBAT read and understand classroom rules and procedures within the course syllabus.

Monday 8/7/2017
Class Intros

BELLWORK: What were your career goals last year? how have they changed this year?

OBJECTIVES: SWBAT create and deliver a min 2 min intro speech to kick off the year

Tuesday 8/8/2017
SAE action plan

BELLWORK: What's one thing you can learn about other people from listening to their presentations

OBJECTIVE: SWBAT Finish min2min presentations

                                 Develop a new or improved action plan for individual SAE projects

Wednesday 8/9/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 8/10/2017
SAE action plan

Bellwork: Why is it important to plan ahead for your SAE's. refer to the game "Building bridges" from Tuesday.

Obj: Continue exploring SAE's and developing SMART goals to further develop and strengthen projects 

Friday 8/11/2017
SAE action plan

Congrats on making it by your first week! Whoop Whoop (TGIF)

BELLWORK: "A goal is a dream with a deadline" -Napoleon Hill

Objective: SWBAT take an in depth look at SAE projects/proficiency awards and develop a plan of action for this year.

Monday 8/14/2017

Bellwork: Define each letter in S.M.A.R.T Goals

Obj: SWBAT continue building SMART goals for individual SAE projects.

Tuesday 8/15/2017
SAE action plan


What is a Proficiency Award

Obj: SWBAT review and understand the potentail for awards within the FFA and SAE projects

Wednesday 8/16/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 8/17/2017
Proficiency Award Overview


-What proficiency award category will your SAE/ SAE's fall under

Obj: SWBAT understand proficiency awards and update AET/ SAE Grants

Wednesday 8/23/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 8/24/2017
External Anatomy of Beef

Bellwork: High quality_________ = high quality___________, will then crate a profitable ____________.

Obj: SWBAT locate & define external anatomy of beef cattle.

Monday 8/28/2017
Beef Cattle

Bellwork: What is the typical age of beef cattle when they go to slaughter 

Obj: SWBAT create educational poster or game to memorize beef external anatomy 

Wednesday 8/30/2017
Land Lab Day

Land Lab Day

Friday 9/1/2017
FFA State Officer Visit
Monday 9/11/2017
Chapter 9

Bellwork: What is the name of a female cow that has not given birth?

Obj: Chapter 9 Beef Cattle Management (read/highlight).

Tuesday 9/12/2017
Chapter 9

Bellwork: What are the two different species of cattle? Brahman Cattle are which species?

Obj: Finish Chapter 9 Review.

Wednesday 9/13/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 9/14/2017
Chapter 9

Bellwork: Name 3 cattle breeds-

Obj: Finish Chapter 9/ Start cattle breed presentation.

Monday 9/18/2017
Cattle Breed

Bellwork: What is the name of a motherless calf?

Obj: Create Cattle Breed Presentation. 

Tuesday 9/19/2017
Cattle Breed

Bellwork: "FFA members, why are we here"... "To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should possess."

Obj: Cattle Breed Presentation. 

Wednesday 9/20/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 9/21/2017
Cattle Breed

Bellwork: What is your cattle breed and where is it's origin?

Obj: Finish Cattle Breeds Presentation. 

Monday 10/9/2017
Fall Break
Tuesday 10/10/2017
Wednesday 10/11/2017
Thursday 10/12/2017
Friday 10/13/2017
Fall Break
Monday 10/16/2017
Market Hogs


What was the best part of your fall break

Obj- SWBAT understand the external anatomy of market hogs

Tuesday 10/17/2017
Market Hogs

Bellwork: What is the name of a castrated male hog?

Obj: SWBAT evaluate the perfect market hog in correspondence with current market expectations 

Wednesday 10/18/2017
Land Lab Day

Bellwork: Name the movie quote


Thursday 10/19/2017
External anatomy of Hog Quiz

Bellwork: take 15 min to study hog parts. quiz = 58 pts (29q*(1 pt part+ 1 pt define))

Obj: external anatomy of a hog quiz

Monday 10/23/2017
CDE Ditrict online Test

Study packets for 5 min then we will take test

Tuesday 10/24/2017
National Convention
Wednesday 10/25/2017
National Convention
Thursday 10/26/2017
National Convention
Friday 10/27/2017
National Convention
Monday 10/30/2017
Convention recap & missing work

Bellwork: (Halloween Riddle) 

Obj: Make up incomplete/missing work from sub lesson: Chapter review questions and presentation

Wednesday 11/1/2017
Hog Breed Presentations

Bellwork: Halloween Riddle--> "I was the first agricultural product to be carved during Halloween, but iam not a pumpkin. what am I?"

Answer-> Turnip

Obj: Hog Breed Presentations

Wednesday 11/1/2017
Land Lab Day

Quote of the day

"A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit."

-Arnold H Glasow
Wednesday 11/8/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 11/10/2017
Veterans Day
Monday 11/13/2017
Hog Breed Quiz

Bellwork: What is the origin of the Poland China Hog?

Obj: Finish Presentations/ Complete quiz with accuracy---> move on to external anatomy of sheep

Tuesday 11/14/2017
Hog Breed Quiz

Bellwork What is the oldest registered American hog breed?

SWBAT complete hog breed quiz

Wednesday 11/15/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 11/17/2017
State Online CDE Testing
Wednesday 11/22/2017
Land Lab/ Turkey Processing
Wednesday 11/29/2017
Land Lab Day
Friday 12/1/2017
Modern Marvel "The Butcher"

Video and Cornell Notes

Monday 12/4/2017
(Sub) Chapter 15 Meats

Read and take Cornell Notes on Entire Chapter 15 packet

Answer all review exercises 

Wednesday 12/6/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 12/7/2017
Assembly 4th & 5th

Class Assembly: all other students will work on AET Record Books

Friday 12/8/2017
State CDE Day (Sub)

Video: "American Meat"

Cornell Notes turned in at the end of class

Monday 12/11/2017
Meats "Beef Primals/Sub Primals"

Bellwork: What is one interesting fact from fridays video "American Meat"

Obj: Beef Primals and Sub Primals

Tuesday 12/12/2017
Meats "Beef Primals/Sub Primals"

Bellwork: What are the caracass traits to determine yield grade of beef cattle

Obj: Beef primals and sub-primals

Wednesday 12/13/2017
Land Lab Day
Thursday 12/14/2017
Meats "Beef Primals/Sub Primals"

Bellwork: Name 4 sub primals cuts from the Chuck primal of beef

Obj: Beef Primals and Sub Primals

Monday 12/18/2017
Temple Grandin Video

Bellwork: name one thing you learned about temple grandin

Obj: SWBAT Finish Temple Grandin Video

Tuesday 12/19/2017
Mid Term Practice Test

What are the 8 primals of beef?

Obj: SWBAT complete practice test/ beef primals & subprimals

Monday 1/8/2018
Meat Sci--> Pork

Bellwork: Name 4 cuts of pork?

Obj: Intro to meat sci-->  pork

Tuesday 1/9/2018
Meat Sci--> Pork

Bellwork: what are the two primary ways we slaughter pork in the U.S

Obj: Pork Primals and Sub Primals

Wednesday 1/10/2018
FFA Activity

Bellwork: What types of Community Service have you had in the past

Obj: Community Service planning

Thursday 1/11/2018
Meat Sci--> Pork

Bellwork: Be ready to share community service plan

Obj: SWBAT create educational poster board of pork parts and pork cuts

Friday 1/12/2018
Meat Sci--> Pork

Bellwork: Name 5 subprimal cuts of pork from the loin primal

Obj: Continue working on poster boards

Monday 1/15/2018
MLK Day (No School)
Tuesday 1/16/2018
Land Lab or Study Day


-Option A--> complete pig bards/study primals and subprimals/CDE practice. normal land lab day tomorrow.

-Option B--> Land Lab Day Today. complete pig boards/study/CDE practice tomorrow.

Pick one Option.

Wednesday 1/17/2018
Land Lab Day

Voted on day prior


-Option A--> complete pig bards/study primals and subprimals/CDE practice. normal land lab day tomorrow.

-Option B--> Land Lab Day Today. complete pig boards/study/CDE practice tomorrow.

Pick one Option.

Thursday 1/18/2018
Fair Registration

Bellwork: C-Notes ready for documentary film "Kill it, Cut it, Use it" Pork and its many uses.

Obj: SWBAT take C notes on given film while the students that are showing get registered for fair before 2:00.

Friday 1/19/2018
Pork Quiz

Friday Quote: "If i had nine hours to cut down a tree i would use the first six sharpening my ax." --Abraham Lincoln 

Obj: SWBAT complete pork primals and subprimals quiz. plus class vote on best educational poster board top team gets ex credit

Monday 1/22/2018
Research Paper Meat Industry

Bellwork:What is a research paper

Obj: SWBAT brainstorm and discover a research topic under the umbrella of "The American Meat Industry"

Wednesday 1/24/2018
Land Lab Day

Bellwork: "A man who has not passed through the inferno of his own passions has never overcome them." - unknown

Obj: Land Lab Day

Thursday 1/25/2018
District Online CDE Testing

District Online CDE Testing

Monday 1/29/2018
Research Paper Meat Industry

Bellwork: what was the movie about on Friday?

Obj: Continue working on research paper

Tuesday 1/30/2018
Rough Draft Due

Please get out your rough draft and three pages of cornell notes.

Obj: Peer review exercise 

Thursday 2/1/2018
Land Lab Day
Friday 2/2/2018
Peer Review "Meats Paper"

Friday Quote

"Never bend your head alwasys hold it high look the world straight in the eye." -Helen Keller

Obj: Peer Review

Monday 2/5/2018
UofA Guest Speakers
Tuesday 2/6/2018
Complete Final Draft

Bellwork: when is your final draft due?

Obj: Complete final stage to research paper

Wednesday 2/7/2018
Land Lab Day

Land Lab Day Quote

"the roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness" --Dalai Lama

Thursday 2/8/2018
Spring CDE District (Chino Valley)

Sub-- finish movie "Unbranded" 

Friday 2/9/2018
Pathways Day (No School)
Monday 2/12/2018
Intro to.... Plumbing

Bellwork: If you were to honestly grade your paper, what grade would you deserve?

Obj: Introduction to Plumbing activity 

Tuesday 2/13/2018
Create Plumbing Presentation

Bellwork: How to you get hot water into your house?

Obj: Group presentation on a given plumbing topic 

Wednesday 2/14/2018
Group Presentations

Bellwork: Get Cornell Notes out and ready for presentations

Obj; Deliver group presentations/ Cornell notes

Friday 2/16/2018
Land Lab Day
Monday 2/19/2018
Presidents Day (No School)